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What Does It Mean When You Find Random Playing Cards?

What does it mean when you find random playing cards? I’m big on symbolism and omens in everyday life. Finding a playing card on the street is every bit as meaningful as an actual reading, probably more so. Signals and clues are everywhere, in waking consciousness and your dreams; the trick is to develop your consciousness so you notice them. This Ask Mystic question and my answer illustrates the point. …

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Your Saturn Square Transit Is On Steroids

Having a Saturn square transit?  It is currently on steroids. Or, you know, whatever the current It-performance-drug of dubious provenance is. Whether your transit is Saturn square Mercury (me!) or Saturn square anything, it’s bringing unprecedented speed and strength gains to the arena. Saturn squares bite the hardest, but any Saturn transit is ultra-powered right now. No sooner do you pull ahead of one scenario, the next hits. A Saturn …

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Saturn Direct Times Vintage Pulp Sci Fi

The Saturn Direct Times

In the Daily Mystic for Wednesday, I said that the Saturn Direct times are on the Moon Calendar but they’re not!!!  I am so sorry. I recall now that I only put the Mercury, Venus and Mars Retrograde/Direct times on there. Why? Because they tend to have the most impact. But this Saturn Retrograde has been such a punish that I think many people are tracking it more avidly than …

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