Saturn conjunct Pluto

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The Mars In Virgo 2019 Mothership

If you’re reading your Horoscopes, you’ll know that Mars in Virgo 2019 (until early October) is a huge deal. While the Action Planet visits Virgo every two years, it’s rarely pumped up by so much Earth element, let alone power players Saturn and Pluto. Everyone feels the buzz of it. Potential expressions include productivity gains, hyper-analytical genius, conscious eating, diagnostic accuracy, compulsive cleaning, and details frenzy. It’s epic for writingRead More…

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Saturn, Pluto & Toxic Co-Parenting Problems

Saturn, Pluto and a messy, manipulative breakup with kids involved sounds like a formula that would explode in the laboratory. But no! As you will see from my response to this question, there are advantages to tackling this sort of challenge during the Saturn Pluto Conjunction. Dear Mystic, I am a Scorpio with Aquarius rising; I have Saturn and Mars in my seventh house. One year ago, I left theRead More…

Amazonian Deforestation

The Amazonian Fires Astrology

Want to know about the Amazonian Fires Astrology? Fine. Yes, I know about the fires. There have been two distinct types of communication to me (mostly via social media) about it. (1) “Can you tell me about the astrology of it?” (2) “Why haven’t you said/posted anything about it – people like you are part of the problem.” Actually, no. I think snarking at people for not being swift enoughRead More…

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Saturn Conjunct Pluto And Relationships

New Frequently Asked Question: But what of Saturn conjunct Pluto and Relationships? I’ve gone on about this astrological cycle’s influence on neoliberalism, politics, the economy, and money but not romance. To recap: Saturn and Pluto were last aligned like this in 1982. It is already a rare and profound influence, made more so by Saturn being its home constellation of Capricorn. It’s ongoing from now until February 2020 but exactRead More…

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Relationship Repair In The Last Days Of Mercury Retrograde?

As Mercury Retrograde IS an excellent time to revise previous decisions, it is technically a good time for relationship repair. But is it really? My answer to this query illuminates the issue. Dear Mystic, Your valuable advice is a tremendous public service, and I already feel forever indebted (as I’m sure a lot of the other members do). Mercury Retro has its moments for everyone – hidden info coming outRead More…

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How Not To Hate The Saturn Pluto Alignment

The Saturn Pluto alignment is the sort of astro-fuqery that gets our attention. It’s the dominant player of Astrology 2019, sets the scene for 2020 and resonates back to the Eighties. Energetically it feels like Darth Vader on ketamine. It’s jaw spasming at the latest neo-lib injustice in the media and feeling like time’s either too fast or too slow. You’re stuck on hold waiting for the state between existentialRead More…

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