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Style Your Ascendant: Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius Rising style is simple. It is the rockstar ascendant. They can make anything look cool. It is an astrological fact that you ideally look like your ascendant. A.k.a. your rising sign. Unsure of your Rising Sign? Get an Astral DNA for my unique, non-cliche and supportive take on your whole natal birth chart. So if you are – say – a stealth Scorpio with Leo Rising, it’s auspicious to LOOK Leo. Even …

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Sagittarius style

Sagittarius Style Is Easy, Breezy & Boho

  Sagittarius style is easy, breezy, Boho and evocative of freedom. They’re the epitome of unfussy, liberation in motion. So what happened here?! “No apologies?”  No. Just go away already. Zero explanation or apologies needed. Seriously w.t.f.? They say that the strangest Venus Retrograde fuqery occurs right as the planet of Love & Beauty is about to turn direct so okay, here we are. This cover is all manner of wrong, …

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Cool girl on motorbike, open road and new moon vibe

Sagittarius New Moon Liberation

The Sagittarius New Moon is a lunar-inspired liberation moment. Get off the synthetic scent trail and sniff the future on the wind. It’s a Moon of nature and wild animals. You don’t want to smell malls or plastic. You need blue cypress, wolf dung and to commune with the stars. Schumann Resonance is your soundtrack.  Think in terms of growth, momentum and releasing yourself from tired concepts of who you ‘should’ …

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Sudden Onset Sagittarius Moon Syndrome

Do you have Sagittarius Moon syndrome? Regardless of your natal Sun or Moon sign, you could have this interesting condition! Check out the symptoms here. Symptoms of may include (but are not limited to) the following: Craving for space, literal space. A fresh air fetish. Intolerance for having to explain yourself. Meditation Via Long, Solo Walks. Fury at social dates already scheduled when you want only to wander the world, …

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Sagittarius archer

The Traits Of Sagittarius – High, Low, Good and Bad

You can’t neatly divide the Traits of A Sagittarius into good and bad, high or low, but I did it anyway. Peruse the lists and see if you concur! The Positive Traits Of A Sagittarius SPUNKY:  Sagittarians are like the people in personal hygiene advertisements would be if they weren’t lying. Sagg really is as comfortable in a ballgown as they are in a pair of jeans, as happy bushwalking …

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