Korean model on black old fashioned phone. She has planet tattoos

Mercury Retrograde Shadow Realizations


Mercury Retrograde Shadow Realizations are happening right now. It’s the best bit of any Mercury Retro. The Trickster turns Full Magician, decrypting puzzling emotions, and inspiring high-level bibliomancy. Classic bibliomancy is when you open a book and choose a paragraph [ Read more…]

What Should My Next Move Be?

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A new Oracle Question is up!  What Should My Next Move Be? As per usual with the Oracle, it has its weird, quirky wisdom. It runs off synchronicity and 5th Elemental Vibe. But, like any divination, it connects you with [ Read more…]

Virgo holding Hare and Moon statue. She has magic tattoos on her hands

Modern Witchcraft & The Virgo House Witch


Modern witchcraft is more of a consciousness that the practitioner infuses into everything, particularly the so-called mundane aspects of life. That’s the thinking behind House Witchery. Keeping house, moon-gazing and honoring your intuition don’t require elaborate spells or rituals. You [ Read more…]