Happy Birthday; George Sand!

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Cross-dresser, author, Bohemian, proto-feminist, runaway Baroness & divorcee – happy birthday George Sand a.k.a.  Amandine Aurora Lucile Dupin…Chopin – amongst many others  – loved her. Baudelaire loathed her: “She is stupid, heavy and garrulous. Her ideas on morals have the [ Read more…]

Generation Leo

Lately, due to the loss of certain “generational icons” & this article re the so-called Jones Generation (apparently sandwiched between the Boomers and the Xers) there has been a bit of chat re generations. Astrologically, there is really no such [ Read more…]

Go The Singularity!

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Well, I love that the Ancient Mayans aced the Venus cycles absolutely yonks ago – without telescopes et al, they figured that the Morning Star & the Evening Star – Venus a.k.a. Xolotl – were the same planet, even though [ Read more…]

D.I.Y. Astro: The Nodes

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The Moon’s Nodes used to be known as the satisfyingly woo-woo sounding Dragon’s Tail & Dragon’s Head. Everyone has a so-called South Node (Dragon’s Tail) and a North Node a.k.a. Dragon’s Head. Go google these and you will find an [ Read more…]