Bjork, Plutonian

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JON SAVAGE: When were you born? BJORK: November 21, 1965. JS: On the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius. B: My mum is heavily into these things, and apparently I’m as much Scorpio as one can be. To me, whether it [ Read more…]

Venus Scorped Up

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Venus is now in Scorpio, btw. Take careful note today as the Love-Goddess sextiles Pluto, stirring memories of Venusian-Plutonic shenanigans (hot, karmic, forbidden etc) from way back. The next big Venus-Pluto aspect is at the end of the year – [ Read more…]

Full Moonie II

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YOU CAN BE FEELING A BIT LIKE THIS… Well, you could be feeling in sort of the above mood & yes, it is not just the Moon going Full in Taurus…that’s actually quite easy to ameloriate via caring for one’s [ Read more…]