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Natalia Plutonic

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Vogue Italia I read in a mag on the weekend that the model Natalia Vodianova just GUZZLES Bach Flower Walnut Essence – a.k.a. Pluto Juice – as it makes her feel protected and grounded. I am so thrilled. Why? Okay, [ Read more…]

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The Saturn Pluto Situation


Saturn Square Pluto need not be a shitstorm. Seriously. But it is definitely the time to make rad changes in the structures around you: Your beliefs, your goals & systems. Things change during this particular alignment and yes, it is [ Read more…]

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Walnut Flower Essence Is Pluto Juice


There is no ‘cure’ for Pluto transits; you evolve on through them. But Bach Flower remedies can help, in particular, Walnut.  It is recommended for “freedom from limiting influences, making healthy transitions in life, and the courage to follow one’s own [ Read more…]