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Astrology and The Black Supermodels – Part 2

After the ultra-Neptunian Donyale Luna (Astrology and The Black Supermodels Part 1) broke the barrier, Naomi Sims hurtled straight after her and into the American public eye. She was born in the post-World War 1 baby boom, an Aries with Mars, Saturn + Pluto conjunct in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. A trio of linked Fire sign features like this is called a Grand Fire Trine. People who are born …

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Inflammatory Leo

You can see Jenny Holzer’s Mercury Pluto conjunction in every single word. She’s got the classic Mercury-Pluto interest in sex, power, classified information, and taboo topics. Jenny Holzer is a triple Leo – she has Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in the sign of the Lion.  If you’re born with this much Leo, you’ve got the psyche of an artist. And, if your Mercury is next to Change God Pluto, then …

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David Bowie Was The Ultimate Uranian

David Bowie Astrology Notes. David Bowie going is SO sad. In a world where words like “iconic” get tossed around, he really was. Many artists can endure and many are stunningly original. To manage both is extremely rare. Bowie was niche and mainstream, always ahead of the Zeitgeist. Maybe he WAS the Zeitgeist. This list of his (according to one source) 24 best songs illustrates the crazy extent of his reach.  …

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Helen Reddy Has True Scorpio Characteristics

Helen Reddy is a rad example of Scorpio characteristics. She ran away from the circus. Then, as a single mother in Vegas, her feminist anthem became a hit.  Helen Reddy, Scorpio, Singer, Songwriter & Activist is driven. She sang + wrote the iconic Seventies “I Am Woman” anthem and was an icon of the Pluto in Leo generation. She is Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. (Mercury Retrograde, by the way.) …

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Dark Star – HR Gigers Was Plutonic As Fuq

 DARK STAR – HR GIGER’S WORLD Where others flee, he makes his home. What others dread, he makes his habitat. What others fight to suppress, he drags back to the surface. How Pluto does that sound?  Change the personal pronoun and it’s Pluto’s Tinder blurb. H.R. Gigers – Surrealist, Sculptor and Set Designer – was Plutonic as fuq. Neptunian also. You may not know  his name but would have seen …

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Astro Bowie Is Instructional

You can learn a lot about astrology by observing the astro of singular people. David Bowie is a fantastic example as he has an ongoing cultural relevancy, cool credentials and fan base that would be the envy of any artist. It’s practically life-long. He’s had fame without being majorly fuqed up by it, he’s evolved all the time without it seeming like desperate posturings to reinvent himself and he’s enjoyed …

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