The Golden Feathered Dinosaurs


Feathered dinosaurs? I’m not surprised. But scientists are apparently “blown away” by the discovery of a 99 million years old “golden feathered dinosaur tail.” So many cultures feature “feathered serpent Gods and Goddesses.” For example, Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs & Mayans [ Read more…]

Days Like This


Jupiter Direct loves a BIG GOAL – lets take it real big, yang it up and scheme to be drastically awesome, preferably over a banquet. Or with Game of Thrones for extra primal mental ambition fuel. And there does have [ Read more…]

Sex, Money, Metaphysics & You

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Insights and movement around Sex, Money, Metaphysics, Values, Old Baggage, the Occult, Spooky Schizz – ridiculously weird news days, strange dreams and relationship strategies that would make Machiavelli or a Borgia swear in their sleep – there is NOTHING this [ Read more…]