Phantom Deficit Syndrome

The Brides Of Saturn

There is a peculiar syndrome that can strike after Saturn Return and before Uranus Opposition. A.K.A. during your Thirties. That is the phase when people can become a Bride of Saturn – yes, any gender. And while the astrological Saturn has benefits, being a Bride of Saturn is not desirable. In fact, the more married to Saturn you are during your Thirties, the weirder and more destabilizing the Uranus Opposition. …

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Leo Self-Limiting Syndrome

Most Summaries Of Leo Personality Traits Leave Out The Most Important One Any rundown of Leo personality traits will mention their creative psyche, love of glamor and fully-primed ego. But few descriptions feature their Self-Limiting Syndrome, although it is probably the primary challenge for people with Leo Sun, Moon or Rising sign to overcome. Think also Venus or Mars in Leo people. Nobody begrudges Leo their love of dramatic entrances …

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Do You Have Phantom Deficit Syndrome?

Cognitive Dissonance is an unavoidable side-effect of Outer Planets changing sign. Take now, for example. It’s the biggest epochal shift since 2008/2009 (Pluto into Capricorn) and 2011/2012 (Uranus into Aries and Neptune into Pisces).  It is becoming apparent to even the most cantankerous Muggle that certain elements of the old paradigm are not coming back. The new era of Uranus in Taurus will properly foundation over 2019, from now. We’re …

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Uranus Opposite Pluto, Age Or Witchcraft?

Mystic advises a Sagittarius who says she’s cynical and no longer putting up with crap. I’m cackling alone in my bed at night. Is it my Uranus opposite Pluto transit, age or am I turning into a witch? Dear Mystic, I am a Sagittarius, loyal subscriber and previously more interesting person. I once featured here with a dilemma involving a swinger boyfriend and voodoo. Now? I am worried. Saturn in …

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Has Pluto in Capricorn Morphed Your Money Policy?

The Pluto in Capricorn economy has been non-stop Global Financial Fuqery. How have you morphed your financial policies since January 2008?   Some things have changed with me:  I read the genius Extreme Money by Satyajit Das & now watch vids like The Top 15 Economic ‘Truth’ docos. Before 2008, I had no concept of high-frequency trading machines & derivatives and that politicians had outsourced regulation to the private sectors. I just …

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