The Accidental (Gemini) Icon

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Interested in style at a certain age? Check out Lyn Slater. She became an accidental Gemini style icon after her 2nd Saturn Return. She thinks that ‘dress your age” fashion dictates are a control mechanism. The first time Lyn Slater [ Read more…]

Elon Musk astrology

Elon Musk Astrology Notes

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Elon Musk Astrology Notes. He’s a Cancer guy with the Moon (probably) in Virgo. But he’s really all about Mars in Aquarius. He’s a Uranian Billionaire. The tech mogul, inventor and space entrepreneur left school early, dropped out of Rocket [ Read more…]

Jeanne d'Arc Jean Seberg movie

Astro Jeanne D’Arc


Some say that today is the birthday of Jeanne D’Arc (or as the British who executed her would  have it, Joan) and others – such as Astro-Databank – prefer the birthdate of January 15. Either way, she was certainly a [ Read more…]

Surreal Art Laneways

Dark Moon in Gemini


It’s the Dark Moon in Gemini & so a degree of ambiguity or ennui is totally normal. Ditto naff cravings – always a worry with the waning Moon. The Moon is also trine the North Node in Aquarius just as [ Read more…]