J.E. Southall – 1896 – NIght   Neptune & Chiron opposite asteroid Psyche = everything you need to know you can dream about tonight. You can make that an expectation or turn it into an affirmation and it counts for [ Read more…]


Promethea It’s not just the Eclipse, Zap Zone and myriad of Mars squares making this week/month weird. It’s Neptune stationing Retrograde right now. You know Neptune is not totally a planet but a sort of drug?  It’s stationing retro makes [ Read more…]

Neptune Spray

“French American scientist David Edwards has unveiled WA|HH Quantum Sensations, a spray that causes brief intoxication with no aftereffects. Each dose consists of just 0.075 milliliters of alcohol, but according to Edwards, when aerosolized by the spray’s unique mechanism — [ Read more…]

Neptune Soup

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The strange spooked up, vaguely melancholy but sagacious atmosphere ain’t the Full Moon…think more Mars square Venus opposite Neptune. And Chiron. Magical, healing, mental – fab for growth, not so hot for a Lower Neptunian bender…Neptune-sensitive peeps are super-lucid this [ Read more…]