The Neptune Direct Peacock

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Hi Mystic, Just a quick story that I had to share… The horoscopes for us Pisces + Pisces Risings the last weekend of November said to keep an eye out for ‘symbols and omens’ with Neptune turning direct that weekend. [ Read more…]

Astral Power Surge


Confused? Disassociating? Scattered?  There are multiple astral influences operating at the moment and well, you would have quadruple clone yourself to do/channel all of them at once.  I think it’s best to choose one primary vibe to align with – [ Read more…]

Mermaid Japanese Avant Garde

Ghosts Of Neptune

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Daily Horoscopes for the weekend are up – Major Neptunian Weirding in the shadow of the Eclipse alerts for each sign except (lol) Saggo. They get to just phone it in. “Phone it in” – in case you don’t  know [ Read more…]

Brazen New You

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  Crazy astro-weirding as the impetus for change is just massive but Neptune is stationing Direct (think nebulous clouds of woo-woo but with genius subtext if you can but interpret the omens/stay off the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice long enough [ Read more…]