Googling Styles Of The Zodiac

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You can tell a lot about zodiac personalities through the observation of people’s googling styles. Of course, everyone ebbs and flows. Your “research methods” could alter depending on the type of transit you are having. Still, here are some fundamental [ Read more…]

Ernestine Shepherd older fitspiration

A Mars In Gemini Woman Inspiration

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Want a Mars in Gemini woman to inspire you? Meet Ernestine Shepherd, the embodiment of this Mars sign’s brilliance at defying the weight of the years. Ernestine Shepherd turns 77 next Sunday and is a competitive body-builder, marathon runner and trainer. She [ Read more…]

Ossie Clark Seventies Super Model Plane

Are You A High Functioning Flake?

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The Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) are often High Functioning Flakes, confounding the other Zodiac modalities with their ability to generate success amid chaos. Flakes are everywhere, obviously, but it’s the High Functioning Flakes who thwart all expectations. [ Read more…]