Multiple Conjunct Taurus

Sweat Your Prayers

 “Put your body in motion and your psyche will heal itself.” Somehow, i got this far without having heard of Gabrielle Roth. An Aquarius, born right at the start of Pluto in Leo (thus a proto boomer and expressing the best of that generation’s ideals) she was a dancer, musician, shaman, activist, healer. Sweat your prayers, she said. “Our soul, our true self, is the most mysterious, essential, and magical …

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Electric Dreams

The Triple Taurus Godfather Of Disco

Meet the Triple Taurus Godfather of Disco – Giorgio Moroder. He is also a fab example of the Moon in 10th House. People with this placement are emotionally hooked into their vocation to a staggering degree. It’s not indulgent or unrealistic. Their vocational vibe IS their psyche. This is from my Astral DNA birth chart report. Moon in 10th House In any sort of economic meltdown scenario, stay close to Moon …

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Kim Gordon Performing

Your Second Saturn Return

Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon is an elegant and inspirational role model for handling your second Saturn Return. And, Saturn transits are better with age. If you have not seen the excellent Elle mag interview with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, read it. After a classic annus horribilus, the perma-cool muso is thriving; wiser and stronger. The first Saturn Return occurs in our late 20s. It synchronizes with realizing that you’re not immune …

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Golden Gustav Klimt lady

Portrait Of A Lady Leo

Gustav Klimt This is a portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, society lady and Leo. She hosted a salon of writers and artists, naturally. She may have been Klimt’s lover. He liked his women Uranian.  Her Mercury was on his Sun – rapport. They were born decades apart but had the same North Node in Sagittarius. His Pluto was on her Saturn. He ensured her image would become basically immortal. Saturn = …

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Red Bull founder with racing car driver

Big Bull

Red Bull Billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz (right) with Virgo Racing Car Champ Mark Webber. Red Bull makes me cry and i’ve no idea why.  So i can’t drink the stuff but the man who invented it – Austrian ex-ski-instructor Dietrich Mateshitz – is fascinating. Look at the guy. At nearly 70, he is clearly extremely fit & super-hi-Qi in his vibe. He started with nothing and is now a billionaire who …

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Salvador Dali telephone sculpture

Dali Retrograde

Salvador Dali Aphrodisiac Telephone Come on peeps, let’s get a GRIP.  I include myself in this.  All the whining re Mercury Retro in Taurus being turgid, being to blame for people  not talking to me, for the ponderous drivel i churn up in place of thoughts, for the slo-mo sensation. Well, Salvador Dali was BORN with Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. He WAS Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. He had it alongside …

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