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Two Rarely Mentioned Pisces Personality Traits

These two rarely mentioned Pisces personality traits are also their most important characteristics. Forget trying to figure out whether a Pisces is dolphin, shark, mermaid, or the ocean itself. And see Zodiac Signs In The 21st Century for a more nuanced take on the ‘twin fish’ thing. But check these out: (1) Erratic Boundaries. Like an enchanted castle in a fairy tale, the Pisces boundaries shift without warning and apparently for no …

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Pisces Today

Neptuned – Pisces Today

Pisces Today is tuning into pure Neptune Frequency, zero static or disruptions to transmission. Chiron in Pisces since 2011 until recently activated super-powers that Pisceans did not know they had. Sure, most of that activation was via their natural powers failing them or a non-stop existential crisis. But isn’t that always the way? Nothing in real life ever feels like a heroic journey at the time. Now, in 2019, Uranus in …

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Pisces People Are Becoming More Piscean

Neptune In Pisces for Pisces Pisces Qi is getting stronger. It began quietly at the end of 2017, probably with the first pulse of that Jupiter-Neptune trine. Or, some say, around the time of the Emotional Support Peacock.  Could the drunk alleged time traveller have somehow been a factor? Anyway, whatever is doing it, Pisces People Are Becoming More Piscean. The key indicator? They’re no longer even pretending to take advice or …

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Michelangelo’s Shopping List

Michelangelo’s 16th Century Shopping List is suitably Triple Pisces. Which, of course, he was. And with Sagittarius Rising for super mutability. FYI he also had Pluto in Virgo opposite his Pisces Sun-Mars. Intense. Anyway according to this article, Michelangelo drew on his shopping list because his manservant was illiterate. But don’t all Pisces type peeps doodle or illustrate their shopping lists? Or, if it is on their phone, add in …

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Asteroid Casanova – Where You Just Can’t Get Enough

Asteroid Casanova – number 7328 if  you want to fling it into your chart via Astrodienst – is, of course, named after the legendary sack artiste Giacomo Casanova.  He was not just renowned for his numbers game – he was an author, iconoclast, philosopher, adventurer and poet. Could asteroid Casanova be where you’re a horny intellectual, restless and auto-seductive as an extended fuq you to bourgeois expectations? Casanova the person …

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Peaches & Neptune

My Gemini daughter said to me yesterday “what in the stars is killing all these people?”  And now this. Poor Peaches Geldof and those little boys of hers. It’s heart-breaking.  I remember reading Paula Yates (Peaches mother) book On Blondes in the 80s and then her parenting (yes) guide all about the bliss of babies and full time motherhood.  And then there was Michael Hutchence. Drugs and alcohol run through …

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