Multiple Conjunct Leo

The Living Your Best Leo Life Award

The winner of the Living Your Best Leo Life Award is Alain Robert. The “French Spiderman” is not deterred by his rapidly approaching second Saturn Return. In fact, he’s just released a techno disco track. He’s climbed over 170 skyscrapers but never on a Monday, as he considers it less optimal for publicity. “If there is no media, there is no point,” he says. He has the Sun, Mercury, Uranus …

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What Is A Void Moon?

What Is A Void Moon?

What Is A Void Moon? Also called the “Moon Void Of Course,” the Void Moon merely is when the Moon in one sign has no more significant aspects to make before it gets into the next sign. It can last for any length of time from a minute to a whole day. You can see when they are occurring on the Moon Calendar here. People disagree over their significance. Some …

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model black and white flashbulbs

Multi Leo Modelling Tips

When you’re a multiple conjunct Leo model, your hair influences the crypto-currency of fashion, and you try to set Leonardo Di Caprio up with your mother. Multi-Leo Karlie Kloss lives out the fantasy life of many a fashion Leo. She has the Sun, Venus, Chiron, and Mercury in the sign of the Sun, her transition into a bob haircut was considered an important signifier in the cult of style and …

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Lion Tattoo on Finger

For When You Want To Be More Leo

Trust a triple Leo model – Cara Delevingne – to have the best Leo sign tattoo. It’s on her index finger, aka the finger of Jupiter, for extra cosmic oomph. If you’re a 20 yr Triple Leo heiress/model with amazing hair, iconic eyebrows, your hotness insured, a collection of onesies and your first Space Dust scandal, it is probably impossible to be too Leo. In fact, why not honor the …

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Strung-Out Love Zombie To Sexy Self-Actualizing Human

BEFORE Dear Mystic, You probably get at least 50 messages a day from men and women all over the world venting to you by asking for your advice to see if Partner A or Partner B will work for them. I’ve just come to you to say that I’ve recognized WHY I’ve been so plagued with the inherent desire to be with someone and why I tend to choose such …

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Mick Jagger young, holding a camera

Patron Saint Of Leos

Performance   I think, in this picture, Mick Jagger is easily the patron saint of all Leos. Can we just come out and declare it now? It’s not like he hasn’t got enough stuff in the sign of the Golden Lion. Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, North Node and Fortuna. That’s not a multiple-conjunct Leo, that’s an Uber Leo. And yes, his life kind of reflects it. In no particular order: …

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