Multiple conjunct Gemini

What Is A Stellium In Astrology?

What Is A Stellium In Astrology? You’ve heard of conjunctions…when two planets are closely aligned to one another in the same part of the galaxy? A stellium is like a super-conjunction. It’s when planets gang up. They HAVE to work together. They’re in squad formation. This is hot and productive when it is say – Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto but trickier when the astral vibes are not necessarily simpatico. …

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Wallis Simpson Was A Multiple Conjunct Gemini

Wallis Simpson was a multiple conjunct Gemini. She has absolutely none of the Earth element in her natal birth chart whatsoever. “Sport hunting is a crime.  My sympathies are with the fox.” Wallis Simpson. My god, no wonder the British establishment did not like Wallis Simpson. She not only took off with the King of the day – who had to abdicate in 1936 so that he could marry this …

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Should I Freak About Pluto In Aquarius?

What does Pluto in Aquarius for Aquarius Rising entail? Mystic advises an Aquarius Rising person who is worried about it already! Dear Mystic, This Aqua rising is becoming increasingly aware of a moment of either impending doom or some superheroine type glory.  Pluto’s transit across my ascendant (after it’s done cooking up quite the psychic storm in my 12th house) will be my most important astrology event ever, is that …

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Multiple Gemini Genius

 “The woman who had been torpedoed in the Mediterranean, strafed by the Luftwaffe, stranded on an Arctic island, bombarded in Moscow, and pulled out of the Chesapeake when her chopper crashed, was known to the Life staff as ‘Maggie the Indestructible.’” Margaret Bourke White was a photo-journalism pioneer, a trail blazer for females in the media (she was the first female war correspondent, for example) and self improvement addict. Astrologically, …

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Jung At Heart

Subscribers will soon notice the ramping up of Mars-Neptune square alerts – don’t worry, if you don’t know the drill, you will be reminded. Stand by. But i just want to also share an example of Super-Haute Neptune, as it’s all too easy to dwell on the lying, grifting, addict-delusion-zombie end of the Neptune spectrum. Also, given that we are all going to be – ready or not – doing …

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Ernestine Shepherd older fitspiration

A Mars In Gemini Woman Inspiration

Want a Mars in Gemini woman to inspire you? Meet Ernestine Shepherd, the embodiment of this Mars sign’s brilliance at defying the weight of the years. Ernestine Shepherd turns 77 next Sunday and is a competitive body-builder, marathon runner and trainer. She holds the Guinness record for the oldest female competitive body-builder and only began working out at the age of 56. Her second Saturn Return was good for this self-described “slug.” …

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