The Astrology Of Martin Shkreli

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“My parents were immigrants and janitors,” Shkreli says. “[Trump] inherited wealth! Fuck him. And I thought we could be friends.”   Vanity Fair At first glance, Martin Shkreli – the Big Pharma executive recently arrested on charges of securities fraud, [ Read more…]

dark skinned hand model with jewels and red acrylic nail manicure. Her hand is on a white vintage telephone with mysterious markings on it instead of numbers

The Scorpio Frequency

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Happy Scorpio New Moon People! This one was near Mercury and so yes, it came with a message and/or window of opportunity. Decipher it and heed it to ensure more consistent transmissions from the Scorpio Frequency. Scorpio, of course, brings [ Read more…]

Volatility Flux

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It’s hard to be clear when Venus Retro urges finesse, tactics and most of all, TIME.  But Mars square Uranus says pull the plug – any damn plug – NOW AND Jupiter square Saturn is all about a major structural [ Read more…]

Jurassic Moon

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Went on and on about this in the Daily Mystic email for Monday so not going to repeat it all here but suffice to say Full Moons in Scorpios are always a psychic colonic and this one is amped by [ Read more…]