Moon in Leo

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Your Astro-Signature

Your “astro-signature” is your Ascendent (aka Rising Sign) Sun Sign and Moon Sign.  This is totally arguable but they are the three most dominant points in your chart. And what’s fun is seeing how well they all get along. For instance, you can see that having – say – Moon in Leo with Sagittarius Rising would be like a party. Moon in Leo would love the Sagg Risings ability to …

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Virgo King's Mistress

What In Her Horoscope Would Have Had Her In a Nunnery? Venus Uranus

  “…In 1661, the Italian furniture maker Schor, who worked with the sculptor Bernini, made a splendid State bed for the Princess Marie Mancini in Rome. Commissioned to celebrate her firstborn son’s public presentation, it was documented in her writings, “I lay in a new bed prepared for my first son’s birth … and the magnificence of it excited admiration everywhere…” So I Wiki the woman and she is a …

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Astro-Gwyneth & Defending GOOP

I’m not madly pro nor anti Gwyneth & don’t mind GOOP, her lifestyle tips site & newsletter. I love reading the detox articles, probably as she and I both have Mars in Virgo and that’s an astr0-signature for getting excited over the prospect of a good cleanse. Mars-in-Virgo peeps enjoy reading about how they’re gonna cleanse the hell out of their over-yeasty intestines and the strange, scary food additives so …

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When Star Sign Compatibility Meets Earthly Stupidity

Star Sign Compatibility is easy, but each sign is also prone to strange little glitches in their mating and dating strategy. That’s when the fun begins. We do some seriously stupid things for love (or lust), and certain signs are prone to particular styles of stupidity. Who has not looked back and freaked at the antics deployed to keep some low-frequency circus operating in your life? Or to impress a …

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