Moon in Leo

How Can The Leo Figure-Skater Get Motivated?

How can this Leo Figure-Skater get motivated again? By recalling the meaning of Leo. They’re high-concept visionaries. Without a lofty goal to stalk, they slump. Hi Mystic, Ever since Neptune got into Pisces, I’ve been feeling the effects strongly. Most of them have been great, but I also have Low Energy. That is despite having a birth chart full of Fire, including a Sagittarius Moon.  I used to figure skate …

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Melanie Griffith in swimming pool with Neil the lion

Leo For A Day

  The Moon in Leo comes around once a month – you can see when on the Moon Calendar here on the site – and it favors specific activities. Actual Leo people slip into Performance Leo mode, high-vibe dazzle with extra adoration of art and style. If you are not a Leo, what to do?  Maybe try being Leo For A Day? Or, more realistically, for the 50 odd hours …

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Eighties Shampoo ad Rachel Hunter


I always liked Rachel and now i know why.  She just graduated as a witch! Model, Mrs Rod Stewart, Pantene Girl, Mother, Cougar, Witch…this seems like a very modern,  career trajectory, don’t you think? She is Virgo (Sun-Pluto) with a gloriously Pantene Moon-Venus in Leo + Crab Rising (does not go clubbing, proud mothering, known for excellent boobage) AND this is not to be catty but Venus square Saturn in …

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Seventies Astrology vintage wall hanging of Leo


What is the Leo sign meaning? Sagacious nobility. Fabulous hair or suave baldness. Passing your light onto those in need of your bright gleaming Qi. Time to Leo up? Honor thy Hair? Art? Style of Life?  Pass on your Sagacious Nobility to those younger or less gifted than you? A crown can weigh heavily upon the gilded locks of Leo, even an invisible crown.  Compliment a Leo within the next …

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This Storm Is What We Call Progress

Nathan Jurevicius With Mars Retro it can seem like we’re NEVER making progress but actually – we are. The astro-weirding now is insanely contradictory   – it would be great to just pick a team and stay on it for the duration, don’t you think? Like – I’m on Team Jupiter and you’ll find me at the Tapas Bar tonight, sampling the new Blue Devil Hoochie Juice Release & seeing my …

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The woman behind the Waite Tarot deck

Aqua Shamanic Tarot Artist

Pamela Colman Smith is the creative genius behind the Waite Tarot deck. Infuriatingly, this triple Aquarius witch-shaman was swindled. She was given a very little briefing for each illo and was just asked to create a Tarot deck “that would appeal to the world of art.” It became iconic but until recently, her role was not recognized her honored. Update: Pam Grossman in Waking The Witch has a fantastic and …

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