Moon in Leo

Lion Girl Surreal Art

La Luna In Leo

 The Moon in Leo feels golden, gracious and dignified after all that Zap Zone style Full Moon/Mars-Venus smack downs. One can restore the sovereign nature of one’s psyche via music, art, cinema and fierce musings.  The above art is by Leonora Carrington, the so-called “last surrealist”,  “Sentimentality is a form of fatigue,” she said, herself indefatigable to the last. And yes, we have talked about the Lion Queenly nature of …

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Sixties Glam

Dark Moon Psycho Bitcherel

Hi Mystic! I have a question for you. As a libra sun, moon and venus and a Taurus rising, let’s just say I can be pretty vain haha! But lately my appearance has taken a big dive. I’ve noticed my stunning Libran sister is looking a little less sparkly, and she too has complained of weight gain. So my question is… Can beauty wax and wane with the stars?! Is …

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“Wild” Was A Pluto Conjunct Neptune Transit

The journey that Cheryl Strayed describes so evocatively in Wild – made into a Reese Witherspoon movie was a Pluto conjunct Neptune transit. I read Wild by Cheryl Strayed last year and adored it. I just thought of it again now, learning about the Nick Hornby adaptation. It’s been called a grungier version of Eat, Pray Love but it’s way more than that. In her mid-20s, Strayed (she changed her …

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Is My Womanizing Ex Really A Capricorn?

Mystic answers a Cancer woman whose womanizing ex-partner displays none of the classic Capricorn characteristics. Did he even lie about his birthday? Dear Mystic, i am a Cancerian chick with Aquarius Rising and a womanizing Capricorn ex. By “womanizing,” I mean “town bike.” There are few people I know who have not slept with him. And no I can’t move as we share our child together.  My question is this …

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Margaret Thatcher Was Saturn Trine Pluto

Regardless of your politics, the Eighties Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher, was a potent example of Saturn trine Pluto. The so-called Iron Lady was a Libra, with Saturn Rising in Scorpio. When you have a Scorpio Ascendant, it means Pluto is your ruler. So Saturn trine Pluto made the whole deal exceptionally strong. It was a Saturn Pluto conjunction in Libra, in the early Eighties that ushered in the …

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Jerry Hall in vintage Halston Red Dress men in tuxedos

Gilding The Moon

My Moon is about to progress into Leo, yes LEO and i can’t fuqing wait. Obviously i get that Moon in Kataka (progressed or otherwise) is brilliant for emotional grounding and all.  It is, after all, the Moon-ruled sign. But i don’t care. Would i rather be more psychic, ghost glimpsing and accountable for my feelings or to have officially amazing hair that smelt like sunlit meadows as i strode …

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