Moon in Leo

George “Dionysus” Michael

All day Xmas Eve, i had Careless Whisper on my mind. It was of course, the big sentimental 80s hit for George Michael.  The song lingered on my mind SO much, i was (1) googling the lyrics to see if there was anything particularly profound in there and (2) cursing Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn. And now of course, we hear that the musician has passed, peacefully in his sleep. I …

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The Sun Conjunct Mercury Liberates And Informs

The Sun Conjunct Mercury emancipates people from cant and poor quality information. Mercury is the Greatest God of all, mediator, messenger and trickster. Guess what? No matter how much faster you go or harder you push, you can’t (we can’t) generate enough escape velocity on the existing track. Saturn in Sagittarius Versus Neptune in Pisces is not just Belief Wars nor even the Hyper-Flux, complete with the daily dissolution of …

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David Bowie Was The Ultimate Uranian

David Bowie Astrology Notes. David Bowie going is SO sad. In a world where words like “iconic” get tossed around, he really was. Many artists can endure and many are stunningly original. To manage both is extremely rare. Bowie was niche and mainstream, always ahead of the Zeitgeist. Maybe he WAS the Zeitgeist. This list of his (according to one source) 24 best songs illustrates the crazy extent of his reach.  …

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Astro Anne Frank

How haunting is this video of Anne Frank?!   The talented young diarist – who tragically perished, along with millions of other people obviously, in the Holocaust – needs no introduction.  Her chart (below) shows her genius and potential thought leadership pretty damn clearly.  Gemini – Sun/Mercury conjunct – Sun/Mercury conjunct people are ALWAYS so fast witted and magically thinking. Especially in Gemini.   She also had Moon/Neptune in Leo – visionary …

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Love Zombie For A Week But It Felt So Good

Dear Mystic, For the past 4 or 5 years I have managed to stay away from the love zombie trap. I have dated, been the dumper and the dumpee. I have quietly and peacefully hermitized my self when i felt I have needed it. I have given loving and grounding advice/ support to my friends who keep themselves in constant love zombie mode. I have been in control of my …

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Marlene Dietrich pensive black and white 1952

Marlene Dietrich’s Chiron Return

The caption to this image a poignant example of a Chiron Return moment. “Marlene Dietrich in New York at the recording studios of Columbia Records, who were releasing most of her songs she had performed for the troops during World War II. She was 51 years old and starting a come-back in show business. It was a wet and cold November night and work could only begin at midnight, at …

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