Luna in Gemini Now

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Moon into Gemini, Mercury nearly Direct, Uranian days & nights, The Ultra versus your Awesome –  everything speeds up from now. The Daily Horoscopes for Monday are up and highly informative/motivational. And Happy Snakes Day f.y.i. – remember Patrick only [ Read more…]


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The Daily Horoscopes for Monday are posted & what interesting times we live in!  Sun into Pisces moving to Neptune = Magic you can grab if you know how. Moon in Glib Gemini on lucky Jupiter is a bolt of [ Read more…]

Gemini Mooned

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I KNOW RIGHT?  This Gemini Moon is skittish as fuq. Conflicted? Ambiguity? Can’t settle? Restless? Multi-Factored? All that? But in amongst the mind jumping all over the place come some genius ideas, guarantee. Me? I’m trying to meditate for the [ Read more…]

Satisfyingly Leo

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Max Vidukul – Elle Magazine Never have i seen Mila Kunis looking SO satisfyingly Leo as she looks here.  Feline, calculating, charismatic and of course, in front of the Mirror. It is weird seeing all that product though – my [ Read more…]

Dark Moon Way Up High In The Sky

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Miles Aldridge Super-compulsive analysis urges and over-the-top change yearnings but a scattered mind and a low-ebb personal energy field. What IS this astro-fuqery?!  Well, it’s the Dark Moon right before an intense New Moon Eclipse in GEMINI. Super-skittish, right? I [ Read more…]