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Be Your Own Most Trusted Psychic

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Everyone wants a psychic they trust, but ultimately, you are your best source of psychic information. Access your intuition. Find your optimal psychic groove. Tarot, the I-Ching, the Oracle on here: they all work via synchronicity. Information is around on [ Read more…]

Lunar Portals


What are the Lunar Portals? They’re the best way to work with moon phases astrology. Every month, the Moon makes several super-pertinent conjunctions. Luna cycles through all the signs of the Zodiac, every relevant constellation. But there are three super [ Read more…]

An Aquanaut With Moon Conjunct Neptune

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The renowned Aquanaut Sylvia Earle is an age-defying force of compassion and genius. She is a multiple conjunct Virgo with Moon conjunct Neptune. The marine biologist/explorer/activist is about to enjoy her Uranus Return – it happens at the age of 84. [ Read more…]