Messenger God Mercury is the greatest God of all, the Magician and psychopomp, carrier of thought and bringer of inspiration. Mercury rules Geminis and Virgos, the 3rd House in astrology, commerce, transactions, eureka flashes, writers, the media and scribe vibe. Read posts about Mercury in the natal birth chart, through all the signs and how important it is for Horoscopes.

The Transit Of Mercury Astrology

Does the transit of Mercury pertain to astrology at all or is it more an astronomical thing? You know, astrology but with less magic, myth or meaning. In this case, ‘transit’ does not mean an astrological passage where your birth chart energies are activated. It’s when Mercury – or sometimes, Venus – cross in front of the Sun. They occur every 8 or so years. And every Mercury Retrograde featuresRead More…

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Seething Is A Part Of The Process

Happy New Moon and stand by for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. If you spent a good part of your Dark Moon – aka the weekend – in a funk, fantastic. Seething is part of the process. It’s like some dark alchemy of the soul where your brain becomes a crucible for resentments and shadow emotions. Dark Moons are always suitable for surfacing such feelings, and the lunar prelude to aRead More…

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Resisting Esoteric Superiority Syndrome

Esoteric Superiority Syndrome is real. I only discovered it with this Full Moon, while happily perusing some occult and medical astrology content I normally never look at. One of them was Message of the Stars and another was talking about how the Hindu Ganesha’s rat represents Mercury. As many of you know, these sorts of reading benders spark the most realizations and connections. Magic is real, whether you call itRead More…

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The Astrology Of Facebook’s New Libra Currency

My first thoughts about the astrology of Facebook’s new Libra currency were vaguely paranoid. I flashed back to an Aquarius teacher I had when I was 10. She had various themes – fluoride in the water eroding the Third Eye was one – but particularly warmed to the perils of a one-world currency. An avowed atheist, she would nonetheless quote the bible when it came to the concept of currency.Read More…

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A Field Guide To The Next Mercury Retrograde In Pisces

What can we expect from Mercury Retrograde in Pisces over March? The possibilities include… Love Zombie Relapses due to an object of phantom desire returning or weirdly reanimating in your digital realm. Cinematic Karmic Aversion Syndrome. Time Slips – Deja Vu and Past Life Nostalgia. Addiction Awareness Polarity – compassion for your previous self inspires spontaneous relinquishment of a health-damaging substance or even food. Alternatively, people power up into hyperbolicRead More…

Mercury Retrograde In Leo

Mercury Retrograde In Leo Is A Creative Revamp

Mercury Retrograde In Leo has many advantages. This is especially the case if you’re a creative or looking to revamp your aesthetic. As some of you know, I think that this could be quite the cultural revamp. See it not as a chance for things to screw up more but as your opportunity to rethink your consumption of culture, personal artistic output and aesthetic. For instance, say you are aRead More…

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