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And…Crabby Ennui


  WAITING FOR THE MOON (AND MARS!) TO BE IN LEO ALREADY!!!!! Okay so i AM back & have about a billion things i want to blog about BUT due to that STRANGE night last night, utterly stricken with ennui [ Read more…]

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Who Meditates?

Taureans are supposed to be the transcendental sign & thus the natural-born meditators…I think Mercury in Taurus would also be a whiz at it. I Love reading lists of meditation’s benefits: Relaxation, wisdom, beauty, anti-aging, circulation – and it’s free! [ Read more…]

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Beautiful Taurean Surrealist

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Today is the birthday of Lee Miller, the Vogue covermodel turned intern & Muse to peeps such as Man Ray & Jean Cocteau to surrealist photographer and then genius photojournalist. Her early life was horrid. She was raped by a [ Read more…]