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Uranian Space Jam


Hey wasn’t N.Z giving the go-ahead to marriage equality a genius manifestation of Zap Zone energy, in amongst all the chaos and pain? Mercury on Uranus today is likewise epic – squaring Pluto as well – it’s switching brains onto [ Read more…]

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Mercury In Aries Made Me Do It

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Miles Aldridge Vogue Italia Do you have Mercury in Aries?  I do and sometimes it occurs to me that i can blame it for practically everything. YES. Never mind fancy planetary configurations, Pluto Transits that zap you straight to hell [ Read more…]

Is Mercury Really Still Retrograde?

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Q: Is Mercury Really Still Retrograde? A:  Yes, oh yes.  Definitely. Do not be fooled by the zippier, more upbeat & progressive tempo since the New Moon in Aries. Mercury is still Retro. Conversations are still a bit w.t.f whilst [ Read more…]

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Mercury Retro To The Max

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The Mercury Retrograde of March is not officially on for the whole of March but i’m acting like it is.  Why? Because this is going to be a full-on, crazy-bats Mercury Retro. It’s mostly in Aries. Mars, the ruler of [ Read more…]

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Tantric You

Sisterwolf The current astro is brill for meditation: Mercury in Scorpio aspecting Jupiter & Pluto as they form a mind-bending trine of fabulous tantricity. My mind is way too active (Mercury in Aries) to still easily, i need the binaural [ Read more…]