The Anti-Virgo

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Cat Marnell Astrology Notes. She is a Virgo beauty columnist, keen drug user, and millennial Hunter S Thompson, if he were in women’s magazines. She is is the media anti-thesis to all the green smoothie chugging insta-It-girls at ease in [ Read more…]

Greece Is The Word

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Alexis Tsipras is the new (radical left) Prime Minister of Greece – he’s Leo, so left he named one of his kids after Che Guevara and has “change Europe” as his mantra – not just Greece.  He’s also against the [ Read more…]

Flow My Tears The Policeman Said

Perma Zapped


Philip K Dick was a multiple Sagittarius with Uranus Rising. He wrote Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep (aka the original Blade Runner) and The Minority Report.  Being insanely ahead of your time is super-Uranian. He was also Moon in [ Read more…]