The Libran Tiger Queen

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In the 3rd Century AD Vietmanese girl Trieu Thi Trinh turned herself into a Warrior Queen to resist the Chinese invaders. She is the Vietmanese Jeanne D’Arc and she generated some awesome quotes: “…I will not resign myself to the lot [ Read more…]

Astro Lucretia Borgia

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Lucretia Borgia is simply fascinating.  Love how in this picture she is depicted with both the cross and the Pagan snake.  Oh and I just noticed the blood dripping down from the cross and it is also a dagger. She [ Read more…]

Green Lantern holding his lamp

Mars Void…Then Into Gemini

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Green Lantern That sense of ease & that maybe it’s okay to kick back a tad is not just apres Eclipse. Nooo. It’s also to do with Mars being Void. That is, Mars is in the last degrees of Taurus [ Read more…]

Bronze Statue Of Hindu Goddess Tara

Maya, Venus & Mars

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“Now the Indian term for ‘illusion’, maya -from the verbal root ma, ‘to measure out, to form, to create, construct, exhibit or display’ – refers to both the power that creates an illusion and the false display itself.   The [ Read more…]