Mars in Libra

Venus In Aqua + Retro-Mars Antidote Love Zombie Symptoms

You know, the genius thing about Venus in Aquarius and Retro-Mars in Libra is that they antidote basically any Love Zombie tendencies. Haven’t you noticed? Is it because you’re now too suave? Sociopathic? More of a rationalist with time and emotional energy? Regardless of your personal romantic circumstances, it is as if the energetics around love, sex, dating and how you think about past relationships has just clicked into something …

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The Bitch Moon Tip Sheet

Ed Pires Hey People, i have just posted The Bitch Moon Tip Sheet up on the Weekly Horoscopes page.  This is a Moon triggering Eclipse points from 2009/2010, that it is conjunct Bitch Goddess Lilith – hence the name – and comes with a volatile Mars-Venus square to give relationships an electric cardinal-energy prod in the posterior.  So it is complex, happening and worth working with pizazz.  The Tip Sheet …

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January Mars-Venus Generalisation

Venus Retrograde + Mars in Libra = Women withdrawing to get their rich on, drink high-class mineral waters and re-think their whole Sex-Beauty-Romance modality. It’s money and life structure first + a new commitment to quality.  Men? They are all of a sudden more interested in the intricacies of flirtation, romance, grooming and finessing everything. Yes, it’s a Mars-Venus square. Mars woos. Venus is in her fortress of (sensual) solitude.  …

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Unicorn with Ufo

Mars in Libra = Art, Business, Pleasure & Karma

Mars zaps Pluto + the Zap Zone.  The weird, who have been working their heart out trying to be pro since mid-2010, suddenly feel mighty Zen about it all.  It is around about now (and beyond) that the Not Stagnating policy pays OFF. I am still on a break but the Triple Leo Intern is back to sort any subscriptions/admin queries, the Horoscopes are happening and i have just added …

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Vintage Sci-Fi - Libra in a new dimension

Mars In Libra Is A New Dimension

Libras did Saturn. They streamlined, balanced, stayed hydrated and had healthy relationships. They called themselves on their excuses and washed their face before going to sleep, every night. Then they adjusted to rad planet Uranus in their opposite sign for nearly a decade. That called for individuation and self-reliance. The Seventh sign people could no longer rely on others for validation. But Mars in Libra is a new dimension. Librans are …

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Mars In Libra Retrograde Tactics

Whether this your natal Mars or you’re just soaking up the Mars in Libra Retrograde rays at the moment, this placement of the Warrior God needs management. Mars is not completely at home in Libra, the sign of Venus. It’s hard on Mars People. They need to adjust their “if-in-doubt, acclerate” strategy. If this is your natal Mars, you’re a natural tactician, wily and aware of covert motivations that most …

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