Mars in Libra

Pamela Zaps Back

Good ON Pamela Anderson, both for sharing her story and speaking out against the abusers whose main defense against discovery is usually shaming or destroying the victim. People in the public eye being so transparent and brave gives support to the victims still suffering with this schizz today and helps the shift the blame back where it belongs. With the perp. She’s had Mars going back and forth opposite her …

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woman with birdcage

Waiting For Mars

MARS DIRECT @9 LIBRA L.A. – Monday 18.31 NEW YORK – Monday 21.31 LONDON – Tuesday 02.31 DUBAI – Tuesday 05.31 TOKYO – Tuesday 10.31 SYDNEY – Tuesday 11.31 The bird is out of the cage so now what? As I said in the Daily Mystic email to subscribers this morning, this is about the point where you realize that there WAS schizz happening in the 11 interminable weeks of …

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Lauren Bacall surreal eyes 1948

Vamping The Details With Luna In Virgo

I always thought Lauren Bacall was a witch and hello, juggling Illumanati plates is just such a perfect statement for a Sun-Mercury in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces woman.   What if just being a Virgo were a martial art? As always, the Moon in Virgo is a beautiful vortex of efficiency, details consciousness and pure raw life-editing genius of Awesome. That cold little tornado in the middle is Retro-Mars in …

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Art girl riding horse through forest

Mars In Waiting

So it’s just under 15 more days of Mars Retro but not that Mars lingers in Libra till late July –  see Grandmaster Mars for more on the timing of all this. So hands up who is sick of being all strategic and Confucian and just wants to go storm some citadel already? Or send off venomous missives to the key suspects on the schizz list?  Or do some drastic …

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This Is Tomorrow Calling

The Zap Zone that is the cardinal Uranus Pluto square intensifies – if you don’t know what I am talking about – please see the Zap Zone Refresher post. Uranus and Pluto make the exact square again in late April (the Zap Zone IS the rare and epochal Uranus Pluto square) but this time around they are being boosted by Mars and Jupiter. Mars opposes Uranus, volatile in its own …

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Female Astronaut Chinese Avant Garde Photography

Myths Of The Near Future

So this is what a Full Moon during the rev-up to the strongest “hit” of the Zap Zone feels like… Work, being unable to duck evolution because it is either that or a practically daily devolution,  more work and/or struggling to maintain relevancy – i have never known or being hearing of so many talented and fully professional people having work issues than i have at the moment. Maybe it …

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