Mars in Libra

Love Under Mercury Retrograde

Dear Mystic, Hope this finds you well. Two quick things: firstly the Tarot is brilliant. It is beyond spot on, thank you. Even picks out the fact that said guy (below) is King of Swords, every single time. Secondly, how big a deal is it to fall madly in love when Merc is retro? I know it is supposed to be when you are mooning over your ex etc but …

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Western saloon girl shooting two guns at once

The Mars In Libra Chronicles

What is this weirdness? A Full Moon? Something clashing? Aliens? It’s a Cardinal Cross. That is, multiple planets squaring one another across the galaxy. It gets our attention – in the way that a gunfight in a Western movie gets the Sheriff out of his drunken stupor at the saloon. And, it gets results. So, It’s time to trawl over our Mars In Libra transits – this little bit of tricky …

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Shamanic magical modern art

Notes From Mars

If you’ve been hanging out here for a while, you’ll know how much i LOVE the work of Andy Kehoe.  Genius. He’s just updated his shop, take a look if you want magical art to grace your walls or up the protective energy of your home. So anyway the Mars-Uranus opposition so strong today is a good time to consider the transit of Mars through Libra since last December. As …

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How To Seduce A Taurus?

Dear Mystic, How do you seduce a Taurus? I met him on an online dating site. We’ve been in contact via text every day since June 6. We’ve both acknowledged the vibe is there and that a vibe can be way wrong when tested in real life and enjoyable while it lasts. But he doesn’t seem particularly concerned about meeting in real life. I got pissy in a text message …

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volcanic lava Hawaii

The Vibe Is Volcanic

So hands up who can feel getting not just back into fierce mode but blasting into opposition with change-quaker Uranus and toward Scorpio, home of the brave and natural domicile of Mars? Tempers rise. Passions surge. Dissatisfaction with stale status quo situations is peaking. Even placid-seeming surfaces can be hot-lava-like and volcanic beneath. That little square with Pluto the other day pinged off the mid-April Zap Zone and gets re-trigged …

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Switch Your Mars To Hyper-Drive

Obviously see your Horoscopes for more but we know how Mars is now Direct, right?  Not only that but the Action Planet is moving back into alignment with Uranus and Pluto. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it was a key element of the Grand Cardinal Cross that dominated mid-late April. Such intense aspects in cardinal signs – Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, Libra – from a planet that has been stuck …

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