Renaissance Witches & Whores


Renaissance witch life seemed remarkably well integrated into society, despite the ever-ominous scrutiny of the Church. The Catholic Church often accused many types of women of performing magic in order to “bind” the passions of their clients, neighbors, friends, or [ Read more…]

Amethysts and Aquarius

Amethyst and Aquarius


Amethysts and Aquarius go together. Though many gemstone associations are up for debate, Amethyst belongs firmly to Aquarius, the sign of the Storm-Gods. Unlike Earth signs, who don’t need extra ‘earth,’ crystals and stones ground Aquarians. They’re usually a highly [ Read more…]

Who Are The Neptunians?


Who are the Neptunians? They get their name from Neptune in astrology. It is the shamanic planet of dreams, utopias, myths, ghosts, art, perfume, vampires past-life love affairs, addictions, and yearnings. A Neptunian is a person with prominent 12th House, [ Read more…]

The Golden Feathered Dinosaurs

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Feathered dinosaurs? I’m not surprised. But scientists are apparently “blown away” by the discovery of a 99 million years old “golden feathered dinosaur tail.” So many cultures feature “feathered serpent Gods and Goddesses.” For example, Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs & Mayans [ Read more…]