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Pluto Transits Meditation

Meditation For Pluto Transits

Any Pluto transit involves shadow work.  And the sooner you get that bit of it over with, the better. I made this shadow work meditation to help with that and provide a power-chill session. We all know that it is important to be keeping our Zen on point, particularly with the current rapid tempo of change. But personally, I find meditation without props or guidance to be super difficult. I …

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Outer Planet People And Source Vibe

Outer Planet People, Source Vibe and the Upcoming Astro-Weirding. Outer Planet People, get ready.  If you are an Outer Planet Person, you can enjoy strange astral events such as the Solar Eclipse opposite Pluto next week. Why? Because the intensity of Outer Planet Vibe feels good.  Or, at least, natural. By Outer Planet, I am referring to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Two Change Gods and One Shamanic Visionary.  The Outer …

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blue hand with arrow tattoos

The Astrology Of Getting A Tattoo

Astrology and tattoos are inextricably linked. When you ink something on your bod, you are integrating the symbol and crystallizing the astrological moment. Hi Mystic, how are you? I was curious if tattoos play a role in astrology at all, for example, can you give yourself good vibes and such by having a certain type, placement, color, symbol, etc of a tattoo, you know kinda like wearing steel for a …

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The Lunar Basics – Everyday Moon Magic

Everyday Moon Magic is probably the easiest aspect of astrology to grasp. That and the art of not firing off impulse missives during Mercury Retrograde. So the Moon – aka Artemis –  is the closest astrological entity to Gaia aka Earth. Luna (another of her many names) is classically deemed ‘feminine’ or ‘Yin’ by contrast to the masculine Sun. Although the Ancient Babylonians had a Moon GOD, called Sin.  We …

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Divination Tips For The New Moon In Pisces

Frequently Requested: Divination Tips. How, people want to know, can they get the best results from an Oracle or Tarot reading, either the ones on this site or anywhere? The New Moon in Pisces is the perfect time to ponder such matters so, voila: (1) Don’t expect the Full Reveal. There is a Grand Unifying Underlying Cosmic Principle or Theory weaving fate-lines through multiple dimensions, loves and lives. But it …

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Scorpio Organisational Inspo

This Scorpio has created a super inspirational astrology calendar and planner using the data from the Mystic Medusa Moon Calendar + her goal stalking genius. Dear Mystic, My Mead Planner has a monthly calendar which I use for scheduling. I “red” out when I expect my moon cycle and “black” out the dark moon so I remember to go lighter on those days. Then I have the weekly planner which …

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