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If you’re not on the front-lines fighting the pandemic, chances are you’re socially isolating. Read Lockdown Astrology to find out how the signs of the Zodiac are handling the situation.

Science fiction Venus

Your New Paradigm Venus In Gemini

Venus in Gemini 2020 was always going to be weird. Four times longer than the usual passage of Venus through a sign, it includes Venus Retrograde for much of May and June. For those of you nostalgic for your Love Zombie highs, it includes Venus square Neptune for three weeks. And Mutable Sign Retrogrades have a zanier edge to them than the others. But even with all that, it was …

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Lockdown Craziness Through The Zodiac

So who has Lockdown Craziness already? Raise your hand if yes. Everyone is on duty pandemic fighting, rebelling against ‘all the panic’ by ignoring the rules or socially distancing/in lockdown. So Mars in Virgo here, I started socially isolating in high school, as a precaution. Seriously, more like from late Feb. And now it’s on. I get the logic of the thing but how crazy-making is it? You start with …

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Hello To Saturn In Aquarius

It’s Saturn in Aquarius! Shout-out to all the Saturn Return folk. This situation is taking the ‘broader connection to humanity’ trope way over the top. And your Saturn Return projections probably left out “lockdown because of a pandemic.” So, my three-part Pragmatic Magic + Astro Tips for Turbulent Times series has a heap of words on all this and the astrological section will be super-clear on timelines, etc. But briefly, …

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Tackiness As A Life Force Tonic

Flippancy Alert: This post contains superficial comments intended for short-term levity. Some people may find them frivolous. Nothing of this magnitude has ever hit a world so saturated in media before. And while we are integrating the still escalating situation, there is something bizarrely reassuring about the inexhaustible media montage of the Tabloid Geishas. Big vibing garish people, (not mentioning any particular zodiac signs here, of course) often have fantastic …

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