Lilith in Libra

Black Moon Lilith Rituals

The Dark Moon + these last days of Lilith in Libra are perfect for Black Moon Lilith Rituals.  Some things are never going to be forgiven or resolved, that flower is wilted now.  The letter you write but don’t send, the goodbye you murmur to the four winds, that quiet release deep within your psyche. Think also a quiet “hah-hah” to the fuqwit who never ‘got’ you. Reappreciate your resilience …

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We Need Air

Someone pointed out in the comments that there is no Air in the astrology at the moment. There are Air signs going quietly nuts out there, fixating on all manner of bold impulse moves, just to feel breezy again. It  is all Fire, Earth and Water.  Mercury Retro in Capricorn is hanging out near Pluto and intensifying Saturn. It’s SO nuts (I have Aquarius Rising, North Node in Gemini + …

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Vesta Versus Juno-Lilith

Vesta astrology is not usually a key player. But there is an exciting interplay between Vesta, Juno, and Lilith until  October 8. Juno (the so-called marriage or commitment asteroid) is in tandem with Bitch Goddess Lilith. The Node, Sun and Mercury Retro are also in orb of this hook-up. Juno pushes for partnership and the identity of “wife” or “partner.” Lilith is free-spirited to the max, prizing independence beyond all …

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Black Moon Lilith with crown, wings and sceptre

People With Lilith In Libra Are Classy And Fabulous

Lilith in Libra is an odd bird. How does this renegade influence align with the airy elegance of Libra? The description below also applies to anyone with Lilith in the 7th House or conjunct Venus. Lilith here is often a genius at diplomacy, leadership, and business; all the better to score the fabulous life craved beyond (almost) reason. Because this Lilith can turn on such a huge surge of charm …

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Born With Mercury Retrograde

When You Are Born During Mercury Retrograde

When You Are Born During Mercury Retrograde When you are Born During Mercury Retrograde, you have an advantage. You listen between the lines. Your parsing of facts and information is more nuanced than that of other people. Still, it is natural to be concerned. It sounds, you know, backward. And next to Saturn Return, Mercury Retrograde is the most widely known astrological phenomenon. Being born with Mercury Retrograde is an advantage. …

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August Monthly Horoscopes Are Here

  August Monthly Horoscopes are here. Venus is still retro but other things are evolving – Saturn Direct, Jupiter square Saturn and then into Virgo (!), Lilith in Libra + more…Even Venus is evolving – art/romance – it’s just happening on the down low. Image: Yvan Duque – Super Fox

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