Lilith in Gemini

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When Lilith Laughs

WOAH.  I love this. In an honestly w.t.f way. How i found it: looking for a picture to illustrate my soon-to-posted profound Jupiter-Saturn rant. It’s interesting as Barbara Taylor Bradford is one of the most successful self-made women authors in history. Way before uber Leo J.K. Rowling came up with her genius Harry Potter series, BTB was quietly amassing a major fortune via her wits. She’s a multiple Taurus – …

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The Lana Del Rey Birth Chart Is a Lilith-Pluto Symphony

The Lana Del Rey birth chart is a story of Lilith, the Renegade. Del Rey’s Gemini Sun is conjunct Lilith AND she is a Venus-Pluto woman. We already talked about Lana Del Leo’s astrology right here. She has a Gemini Sun/Lilith conjunction, giving her an innate ‘outsider’ edge. Lilith was the first wife of Adam in prototypal bible stories. She is the Whore of the Madonna-Whore complex, the Snake in the …

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Astro Lena Dunham

Jupiter over her Sun-Mercury in Taurus last year was good to Lena Dunham – i’m sure she’s Leo Rising (she’s cat-like, creative and brazen enough) and that would make it Sun/Mercury in the 10th House being oomphed by Jupiter – a total fit. I get her as a cultural phenomenon & all but can’t quite get hooked on Girls. This might be cos i’m not Gen Y enough  – i …

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Lana Del Ray on the phone

Lana Del Leo

Lana Del Ray – genius name, sounds like a rat pack moll via J.G. Ballard – is Gemini (Sun-Lilith) with Moon in Saggo and Leo Rising. But i.m.o the key to her chart is that Leo Rising + her Mars in Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn is like the ultimate, total work-horse. But the Leo-Capricorn combo is one of the most likely to be successful/famous. Think about the Leo-Capricorn types you …

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Maria Callas Had Mars Conjunct Saturn

The iconic opera soprano Maria Callas had Mars conjunct Saturn, the aspect of stoic focus. She was the definitive diva, overcoming early poverty and personal troubles to be the undisputed top of her field. People who talk of her as an unreasonable diva are missing the point. She was renowned for her professionalism and devotion to the craft. Her love affairs were notorious, gilding her celebrity in an age before …

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Art Deco Beautiful Women Embracing

Astro-Tamara de Lempicka

“Born in 1898 to Russian aristocrats, Tamara de Lempicka escaped the Bolsheviks by exhanging her body for freedom, dramatically beginning a sexual career that included most of the influential men and women she painted….” I’ve got Laura Claridge’s Tamara de Lempicka – A Life Of Deco And Decadence & it’s FUN. The Wiki is a quick taste of this glam & vital self-made artist. Her Sun is in Taurus but …

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