Lilith in Aries

Karma Secrets Of The Tabloid Geishas

Nobody can accuse the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of slacking off. Of course, it’s in Capricorn, so exceeding expectations is part of the deal. I have done dozens of posts on this thing, and this recent take is the most somber. I would leave it there but people are apparently interested in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – more specifically, is this a Saturn and Pluto linked event? Yes, in that …

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Wallis Simpson Was A Multiple Conjunct Gemini

Wallis Simpson was a multiple conjunct Gemini. She has absolutely none of the Earth element in her natal birth chart whatsoever. “Sport hunting is a crime.  My sympathies are with the fox.” Wallis Simpson. My god, no wonder the British establishment did not like Wallis Simpson. She not only took off with the King of the day – who had to abdicate in 1936 so that he could marry this …

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Sweat Your Prayers

 “Put your body in motion and your psyche will heal itself.” Somehow, i got this far without having heard of Gabrielle Roth. An Aquarius, born right at the start of Pluto in Leo (thus a proto boomer and expressing the best of that generation’s ideals) she was a dancer, musician, shaman, activist, healer. Sweat your prayers, she said. “Our soul, our true self, is the most mysterious, essential, and magical …

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Pamela Zaps Back

Good ON Pamela Anderson, both for sharing her story and speaking out against the abusers whose main defense against discovery is usually shaming or destroying the victim. People in the public eye being so transparent and brave gives support to the victims still suffering with this schizz today and helps the shift the blame back where it belongs. With the perp. She’s had Mars going back and forth opposite her …

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There Is No Saint Lilith

Madonna “With the Blond Ambition Tour, Satan has been re-released into the World.” – Pope John Paul II. Madonna = pro female power, humanity, fitness, striving, classless Awesome, marriage equality and individualism. Her Lilith (first wife of Adam before Eve) in Aries is part of a Grand Fire Trine involving Saturn and her Sun in Leo. Lilith is the ultimate Promethean female rebel figure in your chart. But the joke …

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The Advantage Of Sagittarian Selfishness

“During the last five years of his life, Lucian Freud ate dinner most nights at the Wolseley. He was intensely private and i’ve never known a person to be so clear as to how they wanted to live their life. I always thought ‘selfish’ was a pejorative word but, through Lucian, I learnt the inherent honesty of its meaning. It epitomized his approach to life: He never did anything unless …

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