Lilith conjunct Pluto

May 2018 Astrology

May 2018 Astrology Preview – The Transition Zone Intensifies

The May 2018 Astrology is witched up to the max. It’s still the Transition Zone. But it upshifts to a whole new level of weird in May. What’s up exactly? As if Uranus in Taurus were not weird and amazing enough, Mars moves into Aquarius at the same time. Uranus rules Aquarius so this is a going to be a super-Uranian month, revolutionary and wild. But at the same time, …

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The Twin Peaks Reboot

For some of us, Twin Peaks WAS the 90s. Or it began them at least. It was also the d.n.a of a more surreal – less cheesy and 80s – approach to television. It foundationed for more original television in general. Multiple Capricorn David Lynch, a highly Neptune-influenced surrealist fresh off the success of the indie Blue Velvet, spooked up the small screen with an explosion of weird that was …

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Marion Cotillard magazine cover March 2014

The “Prostitution Planets” & Femen

So tell me, how can you be playing two prostitutes this year, Marion? COTILLARD: Um … Yeah, that’s a question that I didn’t really ask myself. [laughs] I don’t know why this year was all about that. Because even the video that I did for— MITCHELL: For David Bowie. COTILLARD: Yeah—was a prostitute. MITCHELL: [laughs] Marion! COTILLARD: I mean, it must be the planets. MITCHELL: The prostitution planets are aligning. …

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Leslye Headland Talks About Her Astrology

Leslye Headland is the outrageously talented writer & director of the recent movie Bachelorette – it’s dark, raucous, slutty, hilarious, it’s polarizing peeps all over, i loved it. She is an MM member and has kindly agreed to an astro-interview. Mystic: Bachelorette is extremely funny but raunchy, and i am gathering, confronting for many peeps. Did you have to fight hard to get this made as it was? Leslye Headland: …

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