Libra Or Scorpio?

  Backyard Bill Adam Wallace    New York Where did you grow up? America: New Jersey (born), Indiana, Nebraska, Michigan, Oregon, Idaho, Ohio (finished high school) and after that I just kept on going and going and going… Where did [ Read more…]

Libra tattoo on neck

L’Uomo Libran

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Wow, a Libra tattoo on the back of the neck? It seems crashingly un-Libra. So, would you trust this guy or what?

Libran Scientist In Space

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Black-Holes, Galaxies, Dark Matter – Who Says Astronomy Can’t Be Occult? I get quite a few scientists emailing & subscribing. They keep it real quiet. I particularly loved this charming email from an Italian Libran Scientist the other day…Italian AND [ Read more…]

woman in bathtub in river

Merde Creek

Weird isn’t it…how Libran females seem to be (in general) coping just fine with Saturn in their sign and yet the men not so well. Some of them really feel like they’re up Merde Creek sans paddle. My theory: The [ Read more…]