Libra Charm School

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Librans, to distract you from the hefty Saturn transit you are embarking upon, please share the secrets of your charm? Is it your mastery of the art of euphemism? “You look well” instead of “wow, you’ve porked up” when someone [ Read more…]

Libran Bees

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Science Daily is saying scientists are mystified by this unusual behaviour on the part of middle-Eastern bees but i just think they’re Libran bees. “In a rare coincidence, researchers working in both Turkey and Iran discovered on the same day [ Read more…]

La Luna in La Libra

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Niki de Saint Phalle The Moon is in Libra, nearing Saturn and squaring Pluto…So it’s Libra with a Saturnine edge – scented aplomb (aplomb actually means balanced) & restraint – and Plutonic undercurrents; endings, beginnings, alchemy, clandestine lusts…Don’t let on [ Read more…]