Leo Rising

Johnny Depp shirt off smiling

Peter Pan = Gemini Man?

Johnny Depp is always on some list or another & how hard is it to believe that he is nearly 50?  Really. This pic is a recent one & if that’s a natural pose, him at home or whatever, then he is not exactly doing a strict macrobiotic diet or whatever. He’s Gemini, the male sign of the Zodiac most often credited with looking years younger than their chronological years …

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Persian Cat doing Yoga Class

Is Leo Rising More Up Itself Than Leo Sun?

I think Leo Rising is actually more Leo – in the cliched sense of Leo – and likely to be Lower Leo than the actual Sun Sign Leo. I can spot Leo Rising as they always look feline – not so much as limber as they’d like but resembling a plush house-cat, perhaps slightly perturbed lest the sardines do not arrive on schedule. But really, without a strong artistic cause …

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Are You Wearing Your Rising Sign Style?

Does your look match your Rising Sign Style? Your Rising and/or Ascendant sign really is your best look. Note: Rising Sign and Ascendant are the same thing. (If you do not know it but you do know your time of birth, you can find out via one of my Astral DNA Natal Birth Reports.) The very Virgo Edith Sitwell once quipped something along the lines of that if you are …

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