Leo Rising

Victory Over Qi Vampires

 Dear Mystic, thank you, THANK YOU, for this amazing list of ways to lovingly exorcise qi vampires! I’ve been battling one hell of a manipulative/hostile/pass-agg/whatever, you name it – she has gone there – qi vamp for three years (our tumultuous bff/frenemies relationship morphed into a business partnership because I thought I could save/change her), & finally, thanks to your wisdom, had the willpower & confidence to cut ties & …

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Confessions Of A Gemini Private Investigator

Tired of your 9 to 5 job? Thinking there must be something more to life? I’m here to tell you that you CAN turn your passion into your career. Something something take the leap, manifest your dreams, blah blah buy my book. Listen, I was once like you. I would come home from work every night to spend hours scrolling through Facebook, rifling through personal photographs of people I knew …

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More Strange Mars Schizz

Celebrity is strange.  This Retro-Mars is strange. Jay Z has Moon conjunct Uranus (he likes his women strong, beautiful, Uranian) in Libra, with Retro-Mars bang on the conjunction all May. But if i were Jay Z’s astrologer, would i have predicted that he would be attacked by his Cancerian sister in law in a lift at the Met Gala? Hell no. But in hindsight, it synchs. Moon – Cancerians. Uranus …

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Marlene Dietrich pensive black and white 1952

Marlene Dietrich’s Chiron Return

The caption to this image a poignant example of a Chiron Return moment. “Marlene Dietrich in New York at the recording studios of Columbia Records, who were releasing most of her songs she had performed for the troops during World War II. She was 51 years old and starting a come-back in show business. It was a wet and cold November night and work could only begin at midnight, at …

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Film Poster The Dangers Of The Aquarius. An Aquarius man in a suit with a globe of the world.

The Dangers Of The Aquarius

The Aquarius is not, of course, dangerous. It’s an ironic propaganda film. Which Sun Sign would you choose to make an allegorical film about? Dear Mystic, I have been addicted to your horoscopes for two years now, thank you, merci. I am a professional Gemini (Aka. A writer, not a fighter) and casual Leo-rising (Spotlight hogger). Recently I made a film for Tropfest called, “The Dangers of the Aquarius” (That …

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God Is Dead But My Hair Is Perfect

“God is dead but my hair is perfect” is an apocryphal saying attributed to the French, Scorpio and Leo Rising philosopher Bernard Henri Levy. He is, in fact, insanely Leo Rising, spewing forth controversial comments that have kept him front-of-mind in his native country for what feels like centuries and conducting an extremely interesting love life – he claims it is because he does not drink alcohol and barely sleeps …

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