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The Astrology Of Artists

Neptune is the planet most associated with creatives, but the astrology of artists features a lot of natal Saturn aspects, usually hooked up with Neptune. The Sixties art history classic Born Under Saturn explores how Renaissance artists cultivated the concept of themselves as alienated and melancholy, to distinguish themselves from ‘mere’ craftsmen, who identified with Mercury. Yes, that’s right, in the olden days, everyone knew their planets, or at least …

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Every Neptunian Loves Lilac Wine

As an aside from the CLARITY we are all loving and getting off on (?) with Mars square Uranus, consider this: Lilac Wine is like the most Neptunian song on the planet. And it’s always recorded by full-on Neptunians. Neptune being the planet of glamor, addiction, myth, magic, hell to heaven and back again in half a day, delusion/illusion, surrealism, art, lucid dreaming, oil, vaporware, the futures market, soulmates and …

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Neptune Lilith Is Louche

Johnny Depp is Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon and Leo Rising – but i think it’s his Lilith-Neptune in Scorpio that makes him so much like the louche muso boyfriend from your early 20s ideal. Ryan Gosling has this too. Incorrectly or not, it’s an aspect that makes females feel they could just be their darker selves around this dude, that nothing would be off limits. Obviously, their representation collaborates in …

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Style Your Ascendent: Leo Rising

 How To Dress When You Are Leo Rising? It is an astrological fact that you ideally look like your ascendant. A.k.a. your rising sign. Unsure of your Rising Sign? Get an Astral DNA for my unique, non-cliche and supportive take on your whole natal birth chart. So if you are – say – a stealth Scorpio with Leo Rising, it’s auspicious to LOOK Leo. Even if your Scorpionic psyche shrivels at the mere …

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Dark Star – HR Gigers Was Plutonic As Fuq

 DARK STAR – HR GIGER’S WORLD Where others flee, he makes his home. What others dread, he makes his habitat. What others fight to suppress, he drags back to the surface. How Pluto does that sound?  Change the personal pronoun and it’s Pluto’s Tinder blurb. H.R. Gigers – Surrealist, Sculptor and Set Designer – was Plutonic as fuq. Neptunian also. You may not know  his name but would have seen …

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Weekly Horozaps

The Weekly Horoscopes are posted – the ones from December 6 – i feel like i should re-name them horozaps. Cos seriously, we’re just all about positioning ourselves for the Zap Zone now.  Snazzy new relationships, snazzy new enterprise, snazzy new attitude EVEN as the old-platforms crumble beneath us…like a surreal game. Agile, evolutionary AND processing deep, dark schizz from Saturn at the end of Scorpio, putting up with Muggles …

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