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Should I Be Scared Of A Pluto Moon Transit?

Mystic advises a Moon in Cancer woman who is freaking out about her Pluto Moon transit. Pluto is a Change God, and the Moon is the most private, inner walled garden sanctum of our psyche. So it is natural to be apprehensive. But let’s look at this logically and with a positive mindset. Dear Mystic I am curious and concerned about the future Pluto transit to my Moon. Not only …

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Hillary Clinton’s Athene

In a presidential candidate debate with Pluto having just turned Direct and given extra oomph by Mercury,  the Gemini, Leo Rising Donald Trump did not do well. He’s got Mars in Leo rising and it came off as super-brash, bombastic and not thought out.  He got Scorped by the well-prepped and poised Triple Scorpio Clinton.  She also has Mars in Leo but hers is conjunct Pluto, the so-called “higher octave” …

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Leos Expectations Give Them Vertigo

Leo expectations can be crazy high. They keep the true height of them secret. Left unaddressed, they lead to Self-Limiting Syndrome or the Leo becomes a Dark Sun Leo. This style of Leo only rates sycophants. Anyone else is “disloyal.” Or they generate tawdry dramas out of inferior material. They need a stage, arena, or a creative outlet. If they can’t be Performance Leo, they’ll turn their life into a …

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An Astrology Lesson Via Muhammad Ali

What can we learn from the Muhammad Ali astrology? Plenty. His singular, meta-themed life is a brilliant study. He was a Solar Capricorn with his Sun in Capricorn strengthened by being part of a Grand Earth Trine. The Sun trine to Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Virgo. A Big Earth Vibe like this often manifests as physical prowess, fantastic feats of athleticism and material grounding. But see also the …

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Ask Mystic: A Vital Hair Question

Hey Mystic, I’m a new subscriber and love your scopes but I have a beauty related question for you. I’m a Pisces (Leo Ascendant) and true to form I was thinking about a new look for my hair. Am a natural brunette (more mousy brown than luscious – not fuqing cool), went blonde a while ago but its been growing out and looking brassy and bleh. I’ve been going through …

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Mars Opposite Neptune Aspects

Mars opposite Neptune aspects can be problematic, but when they are applied to spiritual quests or creativity, the results are spectacular. This is what Frida Kahlo emerged with after she read Freud’s Moses & Monotheism.  She was Sun-Neptune in Cancer opposite Mars-Uranus in Capricorn and Leo Rising. Her Moon was exalted in Taurus and conjunct the Midheaven.  For extra volcanic intensity and depth awareness, she was also a Venus-Pluto person. …

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