Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Very Leo

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leo. Seriously, that often strikes me as his key job description. I mean, come on. It does not get more Leo than admiring a statue of oneself. Sun-Saturn-Pluto tight together in Leo, the 2nd House. That is called [ Read more…]

old school movie stars black and white close up couple

Dark Sun Leos

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This is a Dark Sun Leo so sick with envy he wants to throttle the pretty creature in front of him. So I am calling them Dark Sun Leos but there is probably a better name for these creatures. My [ Read more…]

chintzy French bedroom

Yves St Laurent – Are Leos Chintzy?

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This is the master bedroom in the country residence of the late Yves St Laurent, a multiple conjunct Leo (Sun, Venus, Mercury)…Is this or is this not classic Leo? I mean, are they usually this chintzy?