At The Hairdresser

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“Hi Mystic, I thought you might like this photo I took today when I went to get a haircut. I don’t know much about astrology, but apparently I’m a Virgo with lots of Leo in his chart. Thanks, Arthur“ I [ Read more…]

Melanie Griffith in swimming pool with Neil the lion

Leo For A Day


  The Moon in Leo comes around once a month – you can see when on the Moon Calendar here on the site – and it favors specific activities. Actual Leo people slip into Performance Leo mode, high-vibe dazzle with [ Read more…]

lion with wind blowing in their mane to illustrate the Leo Zodiac sign

New Release Neo Leo Zodiac Vibe

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The Leo Zodiac sign you see today is not the same as Big Cat you think you know. They’re a new release version. Liberated from years of confusion and slippery lovers, they’re reconnecting with core values. If you’re a Leo, you’re [ Read more…]

Lion having anti frizz spray put on his mane

Leos: Fear Of Frizz

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Daily Mail So I am highly aware that various peeps have had hideous hair results from ignoring my ‘do nothing to your hair during Mercury Retro/Dark Moon in Leo- LEO’ rants and obviously I do not judge. I mean, your [ Read more…]