By Jove in 2010

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Jupiter, the officially most lucky planet of all, usually keeps pretty regular cycles. For ages now, he has whizzed into a new sign around about Jan/Feb and stayed there for the year. It’s gotten so i think of particular years [ Read more…]

Jupiter Direct!

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YAY! Jupiter is Direct today!!!! Tues night is thus perfect for some grandiose resolutions. Remember it’s Jupiter in Aquarius so make them as ostentatious,  utopian and bats as possible. It’s Jupiter so nix self-doubt with Saggo-style gusto. It’s the Dark [ Read more…]

Moonwane In Leo

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Whoops…Watch it. When the Moon is waning and in the sometimes grandiose, given to drama-queenie drastic antics sign of Leo AND opposing gassy Jupiter with Mercury Retrograde, there can be a tendency to inflate things WAY out of proportion and/or [ Read more…]

The Tao Of Pisces

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“Although Barrymore will strive to convince you that she’s as simple as a daisy, she is, in fact, a bouquet of contradictions. She swears like a drill sergeant, yet her highest words of praise have to do with ‘purity’ and [ Read more…]