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Jupiter Syndrome

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Pyrotechnic – Rosemarie Fiore No, Jupiter transits are not always you feasting upon good fortune, having strangers press cash into your hand in the street and being gifted anonymously with flowers, houses etc. Jupiter can work in interesting ways and [ Read more…]

Taurus cardboard trophy

Taurus Du Jour

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Cardboard Safari So, Taurus – It-Person Of The Moment – how are you doing with Jupiter in Taurus? Not only the luckiest planet of all in your sign but Pluto-enhanced for extra oomph? Ready or not, your life is expanding. [ Read more…]

Greek God Stamp

D.I.Y. Astro: Jupiter Transits

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Yes there is an awesome amount of material one could post on Jupiter, as befitting a planet & deity so gracious & majestic – see, it is always worth paying homage to the Luckiest Planet Of All, ruler of Sagg [ Read more…]